Christian Unity Baptist Church

The Journey

From a street comer to a university lecture hall to a private high school gym to a bowling alley/skating rink/bingo hall/reception hall/club to a mini concert hall, the Lord God has brought us from a mighty long way.

On March 14, 1989, the Christian Unity Baptist Church was incorporated as a non-profit entity in the State of Louisiana.  From some 300 persons in 1989 to over 2,102 members, the Lord has brought us a mighty long way.

How did we make it this far? There are many answers, but only one source- one reason for the blessings we have enjoyed thus far on the way. One way to putting it is found in the Old Testament.

Zachariah 4:6 “Then he answered and spake unto me saying, “ This is the Word of the Lord unto Zerubbabel, saying, Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit, saith the Lord of hosts.” (KJV)

At Christian Unity the Spirit of God is the one who is large and in charge. Someone might ask, “ Who’s down with G-O-D?” And there’s always someone who can respond “ Yeah, you know me!”

We are clear about one thing we intend to do and as we stated in our charter, we plan:

“…to continue to promote the teachings of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and diffusion of the principles and philosophy of Christianity, and to establish and maintain a church and related institutions and community agencies of the Baptist Faith having adopted the Scriptures of the Holy Bible as the supreme authority for matters of faith and conduct…”

We also will find a way to hold a creative tension the words and works of the folks who seem to speak to us, whether it be in the words, “ Woman thou are loosed!” or “ Our community is under siege.” And as we speak to the issues that confront us, we are Christian, with a wide welcome mat for “ Whosoever will, let [that one] come.”

Won’t you journey or sojourn with us? As pilgrims through this barren land, who have “ miles to go before we sleep,” we remember that God finished creation on the sixth day and then rested. God has laid down the basic pattern. It falls on us to “ occupy until [Jesus] come[s].”

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