The music ministry is designed to allow and help to develop any member of the CUBC family by creating opportunities to share his or her musical gifts or even to discover their gift that God has given them, “ to worship God in spirit and in truth.”

It is our mission to cultivate through the musical arts an ever deepening relationship of all members of our church community in the worship, discipleship and praise of our Lord Jesus Christ.

To assist in the growth and development of the congregation to a higher place of praise, discipleship and worship through music and songs by lifting up the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord.
GUIDING SCRIPTURE: Psalms 96:1 – 2 Sing to the Lord a new song. Sing to the Lord all the earth. Sing to the Lord praise His name; proclaim his salvation day after day.

Ministry Goal:
To grow each choir not only in expanding membership and increasing in the participation by singing, but to double in intensity in discipleship, praise and worship each year.

To join any of the choirs, you must be a member of Christian Unity Baptist Church. At C.U.B.C., we recognize and realize that singing in the choir is a ministry in and of itself. The choir over the past years has ministered to many to the extent they were able to form a personal relationship with Christ.

There are a total of choirs at C.U.B.C.

The Voices of Praise:
This choir is an all adult choir, they sing on the second Sunday of every month. Their colors are all black after Labour Day and all white after Memorial Day. This choir sings our traditional. church’s songs.

The Voices of Joy:
This choir is the youth choir from ages 3 to 18 they sings on the third Sunday of every month. Their attire is khaki bottoms with either a navy blue or orange shirt.

The Voices of Inspiration:
This choir is our contemporary choir. They have a wide variety of ages starting from the age 16 until. This choirs' attire is denim bottoms along with a solid colored shirt.

The Voices of Harmony:
This is our male choir, they sing on every 5th Sunday. The ages are any able bodied male. Their colors are dark bottoms and top.

The Voices of Unity:
This choir is a combination of all choirs listed above and they sing on every 1st Sunday of the month. This choir sings both contemporary songs and traditional songs. They wear black bottoms and any color blue shirt.

Praise Team:
Starting Nov 5th 2017 C.U.B.C will start a Praise Team . The praise team will sing every Sunday morning from 9:45-10:00 AM.They will be singing praise songs and ask God`s spirit to fall down in this place that we may be filled with his spirit. The praise team will consist of 6 members 2 sopranos 2 altos and 2 tenors. Praise team members must be an active member of at least one of C.U.B.C choirs.The praise team will be selected by the Pastor and the Minister of Music.

There will be 3 musicals a year one for Easter (on or around Good Friday), one for back to school, inviting youth choirs (in July) and a Winter Musical ” A Season of Worship ” (December 16th @5pm). For each musical, we will invite churches from the great city of New Orleans and surrounding areas. At the end of each musical, light refreshments will be served, in to-go plates for easy clean up. Food like finger sandwiches, chicken wings a bag of chips and a desert (slice of cake or a few cookies) and a drink. Also at each musical, an offering will take place with 50% of the proceeds being allocated for the choir ministry for future events, as needed.

Choir Workships:
We will strive to participate in a choirs' workshop at least twice at C.U.B.C, and once away each year with the purpose of enhancing the ministry in worship, song selection and singing techniques. Light refreshments will be served for each workshop that is held at C.U.B.C. (potluck style).
At least three members (soprano, alto and tenor) will be sponsored by CUBC to participate in the away workshops. Other members are welcome to participate but must pay their own way.

Here at C.U.B.C, music has always been and will continue to be a big part of our church services. We want to continue to do God’s will with the gift of song and spread the GOOD NEWS with our voices.


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